mercoledì 22 gennaio 2020

Thinking of you

A hug, a kiss
all the things I want to do
I don’t want be a miss..
I love you
you know what there’s in my heart
your name is written in my eyes, on my face,
in all the parts of my body..
my emotions are not games,
my love is visible by everybody 
I’m always thinking of you..
I can’t sleep, because I think
is it for you, too?
My mind is absent, because I think..
my passion is better than your fantasy,
believe in me..
we will be happy together 
you can feel better..
when I go to bed in the evening,
when I wake up in the morning
my heart is with you..
when I go out, when I sing, 
in all the things I do, I think of you...
I’m always thinking of you.


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